Laundary Woes

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About a year ago I read an article about how there have been studies found that link fabric softeners and fabric softener sheets to allergies and asthma. Now, I’ve posted on it before, but I have fairly severe allergies. Every Fall and Spring they get especially bad, but I have them year-round. I take daily medication morning and night for my allergies. My mom and oldest sister have asthma, so I suppose it’s in my DNA to possibly develop it as well. When I read this article ( I wish so bad I could find it so I could link back to it) I immediately wanted to rid my house of these two products because I don’t want my allergies to worsen and I certainly don’t want to develop asthma. If that wasn’t enough, I found this article on what the different chemicals in softeners can possibly cause; I found it all pretty interesting. 

So as the year has proceeded I’ve tried various, more natural methods for making my clothes softer and getting out that dreadful static cling!

I started with 100% wool dryer balls. I know you can buy these, but I decided I wanted to make them for myself. I folllowed the directions from this post and bought my 100% wool yarn on Amazon. It was a fun process! The dryer balls definitely help dry my clothes faster and I could tell they helped with the softness, but I was disappointed they didn’t help more with the static electricity. 
If I were to do this over I would have bought twice the wool so I could make the balls bigger, I think that would make them more affective. It also didn’t help that everytime one would pop out when I’d open the door, it’d go rolling on the floor and our dogs would automatically assume it was theirs–needless to say I lost several.

Next I tried a mixture of shampoo and vinegar I found on this site to add to my washer. This was a mildly affective method. I think it helped very little with the softening and I don’t think it helped with the static at all. 

The latest thing I’ve tried is cutting up an old shirt or fabric and let it soak in a jar with vinegar and a few drops of essential oil , usually Lavender, and then throwing a piece of the shirt in with my wet laundry in the dryer.

 This is actually a pretty good method, though if you don’t add enough of the oil, your clothes or towels come out pretty vinegary. Plus, I feel like I possibly need a softer/thicker shirt or fabric to use.

All-in-all I think I’ve about decided a combination of the vinegar soaked fabric and wool dryer balls will be my best bet, but I’m really interested if any of YOU have any fabric softener alternatives? Or have any of you tried these methods and had success doing something a little different? I’d love to hear them if you do!