The Finest Hours

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Last night, Riley and I went to see Disney’s new film, The Finest Hours. This movie is based on a true story ( which is always good in my books) about a Coast Guard Rescue, that still to this day, is considered the greatest small boat rescues of all time.

The story takes place in Chatham, Massachusetts, in the winter of 1952. Actor, Chris Pine, plays the story’s main character, Bernie Webber. His performance was incredible, right down to his New England accent. He’s such a captivating actor and really pulls you into his story. Bernie Webber was a Boatswain’s Mate First Class of the Coast Guard in Chatham.



The four rescuers: Bernie Webber, Andy Fitzgerald, Richard Livesey, and Ervin Maske


He and three other crew men, which were Engine man Third Class, Andrew Fitzgerald, Seaman Richard Livesey, and Seaman Ervin Maske, were sent out on a rescue mission in hurricane-like winds, risking their lives to get out to 33 men that were stranded on the SS Pendleton, which was a WWII-era oil tanker, that had broken in half in a horrifying nor’eastern storm.

The Finest Hours

Casey Affleck also plays an outstanding role in the film. He plays, what I think was the SS Pendleton’s Chief Engineer, Ray Sybert. You can’t help but feel his anguish, and despair as he tries to keep the ship afloat until help arrives.

It’s heart-felt, it’s funny, it’s exciting, and had us both on the edge of our seats more than once! It also didn’t hurt that it was set in my favorite time period. This is a story Riley and I would have never known about had we not gone to see this movie. It’s a story worth telling and learning about. We absolutely loved it and would recommend anyone to go check this movie out!! I promise you will not be disappointed!