Friday Favorites⚡️

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a favorites post, so here are a few of my favorites lately. Some are wants, some I have/or have been using! Happy Friday!

Pioneer woman enamel floral cups

I’m in love with these Enameled Floral Tumblers from the Pioneer Woman’s Mercantile. These would make great little juice glasses or I can even see these sitting on my table this summer with a cute little flower arrangement in it. I’ve been dying to get to her Mercantile! Hopefully this summer!

Natural fiber Easter bunny with a pink flower crown on its head

Just look at this cutie!! Ya’ll I love Easter and Pier1 is killing it with cute bunnies this year! And let’s be serious, does it get any cuter than an animal with a flower crown on? I don’t think so either. Speaking of cute animals…

T-shirt with a cow head with a headband around its head
This is my favorite shirt right now! I wear it every chance I get. This is The Bessie over at Rosebud Tees. It’s one of the softest, most comfortable shirts I’ve ever owned. You can wear it casual or dress it up a bit with a cute cardigan and wedges. Absolutely loving this shirt!

NYX Lipstick

This lipstick is from the NYX Pin-Up Pout lipstick line. I’ve discovered that NYX is my lipstick soulmate. I first fell in love with the NYX Liquid Suede Cream. This is still one of my favorite go-tos, but since I liked it so much I ventured into their lipsticks and found the Pin-Up line. It goes on smooth, and though it doesn’t last as long as the Suede, it’s still great color for a good amount of time. This shade is called Savage. I’m looking forward to trying out Revolution and Rebel Soul. 

Some of you my be familiar with Katie Daisy. She creates really beautiful, outdoor inspired notepads, magnets, books, and prints. I love her stuff, it just makes you feel good! She teamed up with her mother-in-law and they came up with Meadowland Simple Syrup. This is the Black Tea & Lavender Dusk, simple syrup. It says you can add it to lemonade, iced tea, or cocktails. I’m thinking about getting me some for this summer. There’s several different flavors, but this one I think looks yummy. Plus, I’m a sucker for good packaging. 🙂


That’s my Friday Favorites round-up! What are some of your current favorites? Always love to hear from you guys!





Daily Favorites

I thought I’d share with you today four of my favorite everyday-type products. These are products you’ll always be able to find tucked away in whatever bag I’m carrying at the moment. I hope you enjoy!

For starters, I have really dry hands. They crack and bleed and can be pretty painful at times. The best thing I’ve found that helps keep them moisturized, healed, and smooth is Neutrogena’s Norwegian Formula Hand Cream. It’s said that it was inspired by the many different balms the Norwegian fisherman would have to use since they faced some of the harshest and extreme weather conditions. They developed this powerful,  concentrated glycerine-rich recipe that helped protect and heal their intensely dry hands. (I acquired this information here.)  One of the awesome things about this stuff is a little bit goes a long way, so it lasts quite a long time. It usually comes in a box and can be found at most drugstores. I bought mine at a United Supermarket. 

Second is my Badger Headache Soother. This stuff is a-maz-ing! I don’t get headaches often, but once I feel one even start to come on I get out my little tin of Badger Soother and rub a little on my temples and viola! the headache is gone! It’s some seriously awesome stuff. It has an amazing smell to it as well with its lavender and peppermint scent. The Badger brand has many other products too, hand saulve, foot saulve, and lip balm that I’ve been wanting to try. It’s not as easily found as the Neutrogena, but I find my Badger products at Cracker Barrel. Plus how cute is that Badger?! I’m a sucker for good packaging.

I’ve always had trouble finding a good lipstick. I’ll find one I think I like, only to see a picture of myself with it on and realize it’s not exactly my best look. It’s a constant battle…or it WAS until I found this magical stuff! I subscribe to Ipsy Bag which is a fun little cosmetic bag I get once a month for $10. This “lipgloss” came in my bag a couple months ago and I’ve been using it daily ever since. It’s NYX Liquid Suede, this one is in the color Soft Spoken. This stuff goes on like a gloss (make sure you check your teeth after applying) and then it dries like a matte lipstick. It’s incredible stuff that actually lasts. I can apply it at the beginning of my day and reapply after lunch and be good for the rest of the day ( unless I have something I’m going to later in evening of course.)  This color is spot on with my skin tone, but I’m excited to try some of the different ones like Cherry Skies and Vintage. You can buy this anywhere they sale NYX Cosmetics, so places like Ulta, Sephora etc. should have it.

Lastly is my Young Living’s Tranquil roll-on oil. I’ve mentioned before my love of Lavender; this roll-on has lavender oil, cedarwood oil, coconut oil, and Roman Chamomile oil. This is my miracle worker on rough days at work. I use this when I feel tension in my neck, shoulders, or lower back. Lavender is a natural anti-inflammatory so it’s good for aches and pains. It’s also really great for headaches, hence why they use lavender in the Badger Balm. Also I use it as a calming oil for when I get frustrated or just need to relax. I roll some onto the back of my neck or my wrists and inhale deeply the aroma of sweet lavender and chamomile. This product is a little different to find, you have to buy it through a Young Living distributor, or be a Young Living member yourself. Just so happens yours truly just became a distributor! 🙂 But in all seriousness, I can’t speak highly enough on this stuff!
So there’s my four little favorite products of the moment. What are some of your favorite daily products? Or have you tried any of these products? I’d always love to hear from my readers! 

**I am not being paid or sponsored by any of the above products or companies to post this, these are just simply products I believe in and use on a day to day basis.