Oklahoma Green Thumb

I’ve gotten to where I really love and I’ve found, good at, if I say so myself, gardening. It’s funny because I was that kid in the flower dept, slowly tailing their mother asking “Are you done yet? Can we go? I’m hot! Why do you need ALLLLLLL these flowers?” Yup! That was me. Now, I can’t wait to go shopping for flowers and plan where all my little flower beds and pots will be and what they’ll have planted in them. OneCuteCowboy is ridiculously good at bringing in fun stuff to plant flowers. This year, this has been my favorite…

This is an old grain drill. A piece of farm equipment from the early to mid 1900’s. It sits proudly where anyone driving by can see it. This is the only farm this piece of equipment has ever been on, pretty neat when you stop and think about it. 

I filled it with beautiful petunias in vibrant hues of pinks, purples, reds, and yellows. We live on a road that is frequented by local farmers and ranchers and it’s fun to “entertain” by way of a pretty yard.

This is a “planter” we wheeled into our yard last summer. It’s an old John Deere tractor tire rim that I’ve filled with petunias and only two sweet potato vines. The vines go crazy and overflow everywhere and really make for a charming little sight. I know it doesn’t look all that big but it’s about  4ft. across and 2ft. tall. It’s one of my favorites that lasts well into the Fall.

This little area under one of our front shade trees is also a favorite of mine.That slab of wood is from OneCuteCowboy and I’s wedding day. It served as our cake stand, makes me smile every time I look at it. Early this spring I planted gladiolus bulbs around it, thought it’d add a little flare to the area.

I was so pleasantly surprised when these bloomed, I’d never seen one with the double color like these are. I’m just mezmorized by them.

A picture OCC took when I was watering some of my old COOP buckets he found in the old barn, along with this antique wheel borrow. I just love that thing!

Bumper likes to follow me around while I water. She loves attacking the hose and is amazed at the water trickling out.

I am quite simply, floored I still have Pansy’s alive. They love cooler weather, but they’re still going strong!

I love my vintage swan planter. She’s shy, but her colors are vibrant! 

I adore succulents. They’re sprinkled throughout my yard and flowerbeds and porch. My grandma always has cute little hens and chicks succulents in her front flowerbeds and I’ve loved them ever since I first noticed them. They’re so “homey” to me, they make me happy! 

So there’s a small glimpse into my little gardens. Hope you’ve enjoyed it! I’ll do another post on OneCuteCowboy and I’s vegetable garden soon!