Friday Favorites 🍁 

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Friday Favorites, since we’re only a little over 2 months away from Christmas (!!!!) I thought I’d put one together, maybe give some people some Christmas gift ideas for your special someone, BFF, mama, whoever you’re looking for this year! Hope y’all enjoy!

*I linked all the associated Instagrams at the bottom.

One blush colored faux fur blanket and one black faux fur blanket, hanging over a wooden ladder

Fireside Faux Fur Throw Blanket from Anthropologie

You guys, I’m pretty sure I posted this last year in a Friday Favorites, BUT how beautiful are these?! They sold out last year and never restocked so I thought I’d missed out forever, then low and behold here they are again! This would be a great gift for anyone that likes to snuggle up, or if you have a book worm you’re getting a gift for, what a perfect gift this would be. These are so elegant looking, I want to get my paws on one.

Different colored handmade cat silhouette mugs Cat Silhouette Mug found at PitchPinePottery 

Everyone knows a cat lover right? These hand crafted mugs are too cute to pass up. Plus the colors are such a pretty shade of blues and greens and reddish orange. Each one unique because it’s carefully hand crafted.

Pitchin A Fit Tee from Redford Ranch

I’m obsessed with this tee! It’s so cute!! If you’re heading to the WRCA Finals or the NFR this year, this wold be the perfect staple to have in your wardrobe. It’d pair perfect with some turquoise, punchy boots, and a fur vest!

Bear, Bow & Arrows, and Teepees on a fitted crib sheetLittle Bear Fitted Crib Sheet from Rock & Rollick 

Now that OCC and I are expecting our own little rowdy bear, I’ve been looking at a lot of cute kid stuff, and these sheets are at the top of my list! Rock & Rollick has so many cute baby/kid things that are definitely unique and fun.

Winter Fauna Mugs and Plates featuring a colorful fox, llama,deer, fawn, and rabbit
Winter Fauna Mugs and Plates from Anthropologie

 Aren’t theses gorgeous?! I just found this today while cruising the Anthropologie website, and now I’m pretty sure I need the set. I think this would be a fantastic gift for any tea/brunch lover. Perfect for Fall & Winter.


Well, that’s all folks! There’s this Friday’s Favorites. What are some things you’ve had your eyes on lately? Hope you’ve enjoyed!

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Happy Friday!!!




I’ve been blessed by knowing incredibly talented people in my life. From musicians, , to artist, to poetic masterminds, to creative DIY geniuses! I’ve been lucky enough to have some pretty inspiring people in my life. 

Today I want to talk about one that’s been in my life since day 1. My cousin, Sam. Growing up, we were best friends, even though we lived 5 hours apart, that didn’t stop our endless phone calls, our summer adventures, and our ever-growing love for creativeness and imagination. 

A summer picture, circa 1988. Kambri,Me,Sam, and Kizzi

Sam’s always had great interior-design-type taste! Always decorating with fun, funky colors and cool, creative pieces. She’s a cowgirl at heart with a Rock n Roll, gypsy soul! She’s rodeoed most of her life, and I can remember a time when she redid a complete dresser in funky pinks and oranges, then used belt buckles as the drawer handles. It was so stinkin’ cute! Well now she’s started her own little business called OkieWild Customs. She’s just starting out and she makes one of a kind signs for your homes, offices, business and probably whatever else you can think of!  

This bad boy hangs proudly on my red office wall. One of my husband’s favorite quotes from The Duke, himself.

The Duke

Sam made this one for her friend’s bar in Stillwater, OK.

They also make great gifts! This is oneSam made for a friend​ of she and her husband’s initials and wedding date. It’s called the “Babe, I Got You Babe!” Such a cute idea!

She has creative, fun ideas. I’m just waiting for her to start doing custom furniture (hint hint Sam!) 😄 

You can go visit her Etsy shop: OkieWild Customs  

Also follow her on Instagram here

I promise you’ll find unique, one of a kind pieces that you’ll love! The best part is, she’ll customize it as much as you want. So go check her out and drop her a note! 

Friday Finds

A few things I’ve been drooling over lately…

These adorable cactus key chains from Pearls & Ponies on Etsy. I’m partial to the turquoise green one in the middle! Cacti makes me happy!



I’m such a sucker for pretty stained glass. These stained glass mountains are gorgeous! I can’t wait to get one for my own to hang in my bedroom window. You can get yours on Etsy at The Gypsy Vintage Shop.



I’ve been needing to get my pups new name tags, and these are beautiful. I found this on (*surprise*) Etsy! At the Sacred Geometry Silver.



Over at the Dinabiju Shop, there are beautiful (and funny/cute) brooches and magnets. This beautiful Dalmatian brooch definitely caught my eye. There’s also a really cute Sphinx  in the shop I’ve had my eye on.



Loving this shirt from Rockin A Design. There are several of her shirts that I’d love to see in my closet, but this is my current obsession.



I can’t get over how gorgeous these are! I found them over at Savannah 7’s. In my books, you can’t go wrong with leather and turquoise.


So there ya go, my favorite finds for today. Most of these boutiques have great instagrams, you can follow them by clicking on their names below.

Savannah 7’s

Rockin’ A Design

Sacred Geometry

Gypsy Vintage

Pearls & Ponies


What are some of your favorite Etsy Shops or boutiques?




Etsy Love

I love Etsy. It always has fun, and quirky gifts. I really love to go scavenge through the vintage shops! In fact, my husband bought me my absolute favorite gift of all time this past Christmas from a little vintage shop on Etsy. He’s a fantastic gift-giver, but that’s for another post!

Here are just a few of my current favorites that I’ve come across lately:


This beautiful necklace is one of my current FAVORITES! BeadsByBones is a stunning silversmith. She does phenomenal work! There are a lot of things I love in her shop, so definitely go check it out!


Who couldn’t use a cute little ring holder? This cutie was found at Line & Dot by Laura Jones Martinez. 


How fun is this vintage French set of cards. It even comes with the cute little tin case. These were found at the Sadie Olive shop.


I just love these cute little recipe cards! You can find them too at 1canoe2.


This is from one of my favorite shops, Ophelia’s Gypsy Caravan. I must admit, I already own one of these cute little mugs, but I couldn’t help adding this one since the passing of Alan Rickman this past week.


I hope you enjoyed my little list and  I hope that I helped you find some fun new shops! 😉