Black Mesa: A hike to the top

In light of me turning 30 I told OneCuteCowboy that I wanted to do something I’ve never done-climb Black Mesa. For those who don’t know what Black Mesa is, it is the highest point in Oklahoma and just so happens to be in my part of the world, about 35 minutes from where I live. Even though Riley literally grew up at the foot of the Mesa, he’d never fully hiked it, but has been all over it horseback. I have only ever admired it from afar. 

It’s approximately 4.2 miles to the summit when you take the trail. OneCuteCowboy and I are not hikers. Not in the least, but it’s something we wanted to do together. So early Saturday morning we left the house around 6:00 a.m. with our backpack full of water and banana bread. We and the girls, Ponga & Charlie, headed for Kenton.

We got there and started out about 7:15 just as the sun was coming up over some of the smaller, nearby mesas.

The weather was perfect! Not too cool, but not hot either-perfect for a hike. We followed the trail close to 3 miles around the base of the mesa, then started the incline. 

That trail you see going around the edge is the trail we took up. By the time we got to that point, our legs were starting to feel the burn a bit. But it was all worth it! 

We were making it to the summit at almost exactly 2 hours after starting. There was a nice couple from Green Bay,WI (that passed us) at the top and they were nice enough to take our picture at the monument.

We made it to 4,972.97 ft. above sea level! 

We chatted with the nice couple for a few minutes; turns out they were serious hikers. They’d been all over the place and were hitting several “high points.” I guess amongst hikers there’s a High Points Club where their bucket list consist of hitting the high point in every state. They started their way back down and OneCuteCowboy and I were more than ready to each have our slice of homemade banana bread and a bottle of water. The girls found shade and passed out!

But not before Charlie got her picture proving she made it all the way. 

Then we decided to walk over to the edge. We were so glad we did, the view was beautiful! 

Even Ponga enjoyed the view!

We started back down and caught our second wind, but by the bottom we were feelin’ it. All-in-all it was fun and I’m glad we did it. These last couple of days our bodies have ached and been sore, but instead of cursing it, I’m thankful for it. That means my body is able, that I used muscles I haven’t used in awhile, and my body is strengthening. My body carried me through an 8 mile hike, I’m thankful to know my body can do that. I’m thankful to be where I’m at at 30.