Rockies Baseball

This past weekend One Cute Cowboy and I went to Denver to go to a Colorado Rockies’ baseball game. It’s one of our absolute favorite pastimes. Since our first game, we’ve been hooked and Rockies’ fans for life. We’ve figured out a good little routine for a seamless trip to Coors Field, today I’d like to share those tid-bits of information.

  1. Take a taxi, Uber, or hotel car to the game.

One thing we’ve definitely figured out it is impossible to get around in a big ‘ol ranch pick-up in downtown Denver. Not to mention, parking is unbearable. That’s why we’ve always found it best to call a car to take you to and from Coors Field. The plus side is, you don’t have to worry about driving if you want to have a drink at the game either. If your hotel has a shuttle service or a town car, it’s usually best, and cheapest to have them take you. (This is a great question to ask when booking your hotel room.) If not a Taxi or Uber work just as well, just usually end up costing more. One thing we’ve definitely figure out is establish a good pick-up spot! I can’t stress this enough, once the game lets out it’s near impossible to find your pickup vehicle, so we’ve learned that establishing with your driver before the game, a good area to be picked up, is key! ” When the game is out, please pick us up at 20th & Market!” Trust me on this one.

     2. Get stair seats

When booking your tickets to the game (I always suggest booking in advance) look for rows with several seats open and if possible get seats beside the staircase. This makes it so much easier when you want to get up to go to the concession stands, bathrooms, catch the beer guy, etc. Also, if you pick a row with fewer seats booked that means less traffic for you at the end of the row. Granted those seats can get booked after yours, but it still leaves some space for not having a full row and you don’t feel as crowded.

    3. Notice where you’re sitting 

One Cute Cowboy and I have figured out a specific section we like to book our seats in, but realized this last time maybe we should rethink where we sit, depending on the month. Let me explain, we love to sit anywhere between sections 131–138. These are on the west side of the stadium, and you have a perfect view between 3rd base and home. This last game we went to was an evening game and was fairly chilly with the sun still out and only got cooler as it started to go down for we were already in the shade, and realized those on the east side of the stadium were still in some sunshine. Now let me tell you, when we first chose this side we’d gone to games in the heat of the summer and the shade was more than welcomed. But we’ve decided that next time we got to any game before the middle of June, we should try to get seats somewhere between 120-124 on the East side of the stadium, so on those chilly game nights we’ll have the warm sun a little longer. Granted I don’t think these seats would be as exciting, but still good seats none-the-less. 

We ended up having to buy a blanket in the souvenir shop.

    4.  Always bring cash

In this day and age, it’s easy to forget to get cash because I feel most everyone has a debit/credit card now and just don’t carry cash anymore. I’m pretty guilty of this myself. But it’s kind of essential for you to take cash to a baseball game if you are planning on eating/drinking. Sure the concession stands have debit card machines, but what’s really great is when those food vendors, or hawkers (that’s what I call them) that go up and down the aisles selling popcorn,peanuts,beer,cokes,snow cones, etc. Those guys are awesome and only take cash. It’s nice not to have to miss anything during the game. Also cash is always good to have for tips. Whether it’s your bartender at the game, or your hotel shuttle driver, it’s always good to have a little cash for tips.

     5. Always get a fruit kabob

Okay, so this one isn’t detrmanetal, but man are they good! They’re these kabobs that have either banana and strawberries dipped and drizzled in chocolate on a kabob, or you can get strawberries and brownies dipped and drizzled in chocolate on a kabob. They are divine! Also something those handy hawkers carry up and down the aisles. 😉 One Cute Cowboy says you also need a Rocky Dog, you can bet you won’t be disassappointed. 

There you have it! Those are just a few things One Cute Cowboy and I have learned about going to the Rockies games. If you’ve never been to a MLB game we both highly recommend it whether it be a date night, a family vacation, or like us, just getting out of town for awhile, they are a blast! #gorox

Do any of you have tips and tricks on going to an MLB game? As always, I love hearing from my readers!

The Mountains are Calling and I Must Go

Every now and then, OneCuteCowboy and I get off the ranch and out of town. Last weekend my parents and the two of us went up to Colorado. Our destination was Steamboat Springs, CO, but we had a few stops to make on the way. We started out Saturday morning for Denver to go to a Rockies game. On our way up there, my mom realized we’d be going by the OSU “Remember the 10” memorial site. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, back in 2001 a plane went down near Byers,CO, where 2 players of the OSU Cowboys basketball team, 6 members of the coaching staff and OSU broadcasting team, and the pilot and co-pilot were killed. You can learn more about it here. You see, my family are all big OSU fans. My Papa Sam played football there in the 40’s, and my parents (and all their siblings) went to school there as well. My oldest sister, Kizzi went there, and I spent my Freshman year of college there, along with other cousins that have also gone there, so needless to say, we all bleed orange. Anyhow, we decided to stop and pay our respects. It was a very nice memorial site. It’s in the middle of nowhere, so much so that I was just sure we had taken a wrong turn and were going to end up lost, but we made it.




It’s one of those places I have no words to describe it. I’m glad we stopped though.


Then we were off to make it to the Rockies game. My parents had never been to a professional baseball game before, so we were excited to take them. Riley and I have only been a few times, but we fell in love with Coors Field the very first time we went. We are now Rocky fans for life! 😉


We love the atmosphere, the smell of good food wafting through the stadium, watching them prep the field before the game, the respect that’s shown when the red, white, and blue comes on the field, and just the camaraderie of it all. To be a part of something like this, is just plain fun. We really had a good time!



We had pretty great seats


Dad & Mom

Best of all, the Rockies won against the Philly’s 8-2. Since it was the weekend after the 4th, they were doing fireworks after the game. We thought that was pretty cool, but man, we weren’t expecting just how cool they’d be! That was the best fireworks I’ve seen all at one time. They shut all the lights off, and just left the Rockies sign lit up, and then they literally lit up the sky. It was awesome!


Night games are the best


This picture doesn’t even start to do the fireworks show justice

It was a really fun night and we can’t wait to go back and do it all again.

We were up the next morning to head to Steamboat Springs. Last summer, OneCuteCowboy and I made a trip up to Aspen and came through the cutest little town called Idaho Springs (I am incredibly sad I didn’t get a single picture in Idaho Springs, I was so excited to be there I completely forgot). Riley fell in love with an ice cream shop, and I fell in love with a little store called The Wild Grape. It just so happens, that Idaho Springs is just about 40 miles outside of Denver, on our way to Steamboat Springs. I was so excited! We decided to stop and grab some ice cream at Miner Decadence Chocolates, which I might add has the best homemade ice cream I’ve ever had in my life. If you ever go be sure and get a couple chocolate covered cherries as well, they are wonderful! After we got our ice cream, we wondered on down to The Wild Grape. It has all kinds of fun knick-knacks, kitchen gadgets, lovely smelling candles, outdoor whimsy decorations, and fantastic “selfish necessities” as it claims on their sign. I left with a new candle, a cute new tea rest, and finally had the chance to buy some of the Badger Balm, lip balm. I talked about another Badger product in this post. I was glad to go back and I’m in hopes of stopping by again near Christmas time.

Then we were ready to continue on to Steamboat Springs. As we were filling up with gas, getting ready to leave town, I had just gotten in the passenger side and we were all loaded up, when this guy, around my age, that had been in front of me in line inside the store had stopped and was pointing for me to roll my window down. I thought he was going to tell us we had a flat, or maybe we’d left the gas tank open. Instead he said, “I really like what your shirt says,” he then gave a a thumbs up and said, “good words.” You see, I was wearing my new, soft Bible School t-shirt that the leaders had been given to wear. On the front it has an arrow with the words “Be Something Bigger Than Yourself” with our church’s name at the bottom, and the back reads this,


I actually had planned on wearing a different shirt that day, but for some reason changed my mind that morning and put this one on instead. Maybe that guy needed those words that day. Maybe there were others that read it without commenting, but it left them thinking. God works in wondrous ways, sometimes it’s a small nudge, and we may not even know it’s a nudge from God,  but I’m glad I changed my mind and I put on that shirt that morning.

So then we were finally off to arrive at our final destination. We drove through about 2 hours of beautiful mountain side country, filled with green knolls, evergreen trees, and small ponds and lakes. It was a beautiful drive up there, and even more beautiful when we got to Steamboat.


This was out of my parents hotel window

We were pretty exhausted, and hadn’t eaten lunch by the time we rolled into town, but we wanted to stop at a few shops before going to eat or finding out hotel. Steamboat has a cute downtown, with lots of shopping, and little restaurants. Unfortunately we got there late in the day, and our hunger out-weighed our wanting to shop so we just stopped in a couple places then decided it was time to eat. But I want to go back sometime and really spend some time downtown. We found a Mexican food place called Fiesta Jalisco that definitely satisfied our hangry-ness. We spent the rest of the evening in our hotel and getting ice cream.


The next morning was the livestock sale, the whole reason we’d made the trip up there. OneCuteCowboy is a Superior Livestock Rep, only one of the many irons he has in the fire. So we’d gone up there for their big Week In The Rockies livestock sale. My dad had some of his cattle in the sale that would be selling that morning.


Superior Livestock Sale

It was a nice morning, high of 68 degrees, whereas at home it was more around 101. Talk about a nice change! It was beautiful out. It was an early morning, but it’s always fun to hear the auctioneer and see all the different cattle on video being sold. Superior is a way to sale livestock through internet and tv sales instead of physically having to go to a sale barn to buy/sale cattle. You can have buyers all over the country seeing your cattle from home and calling in to bid. It’s really pretty neat when you think of the substantial amount of ranchers and farmers that could be watching. I personally love how they always have a flag and the pledge of allegiance and a prayer before they start.

About 6 hours later and we were back in the car for the 7 1/2 hour drive home. It was a fun time, and definitely worth the trip! I can’t wait to go back up sometime to enjoy the mountains. For when the mountains start calling, the only cure is to head to higher elevation. 🙂

Hope you’ve enjoyed my little story! What are some trips you’re taking this summer? Where are some of your favorite places to go?