Squeaky Clean


I don’t do a lot of DIY’s, but I do love this easy cleaner I’ve stumbled onto. I have a sink that was originally installed in the 70’s, so it has it’s permanent stains and scratches, and since it’s porcelain, it’s sometimes hard to get clean. I usually use Bar Keeper’s Friend, and it’s great stuff, but I felt like it was being pretty harsh on my already worn, vintage porcelain sink. I decided to try a combination of Baking Soda & Young Living Lemon essential oil, and I love the results I’ve gotten. Sidetone: I absolutely love my lemon oil, it’s probably my most used oil next to my Lavender. I use it in the garbage disposal, I diffuse it in almost all of my diffuser combos, and I love to use it in my laundry for a fresh smell.

I’ve been using this combo to clean my sink the last couple of months.

Here was my sink before I applied my mixture. Riley being a coffee drinker and I a tea drinker, our sink stains pretty fast with our mugs and whatnot. As I said before, it has it’s fair share of worn scratches and stains. Then I applied my mixture:

FullSizeRender 2

Just simple Baking Soda and my Young Living Lemon oil. I shook the baking soda across the sink until most surfaces with stains or scratches were covered. Then I dropped about 10 drops of lemon oil to each side of the sink.


I let that set for a few minutes. Then I grabbed a regular ‘ol sponge and wet the sponge just enough to make it damp, not soaked and went to work. This is where you really gotta put in your elbow grease and scrub a bit. It starts to form a paste and you can visually see the stains starts to come up. Once I feel like I’ve done all the scrubbing it needs, I give it a good rinse and repeat on the other side. When I was finished I was happy to see my sink’s pearly smile again!

FullSizeRender 3

It’s not perfect but it definitely gave me a clean sink and that makes me happy. Not only is it an easy, cheap sink cleaner, I also feel good about not using any harsh chemicals on my vintage, fragile sink. This is the perfect fix! 😉

Hope you’ve enjoyed my little DIY! What are some of your go-to cleaning remedies?