Good Girl, Hershey

My heart aches. You were there when I would come home, happily waiting my arrival. You were there when we found out we were having Little Bear and as time grew closer and closer you wouldn’t leave my side. You were convinced that you could help in whenever the time came. You were there that first night we brought him home, and I was so scared and nervous, you calmed my nerves by never leaving. You were there when he started to crawl, his first Christmas, and started to walk and talk. You were so patient with Little Bear as he poked and “petted” and pulled your ears.

You loved and were loved so so deeply. You were so smart and so intuitive. You were our in-house doctor who always knew when a little love was needed. To say I’ll miss you doesn’t seem adequate enough. You were so much more than a dog and I thank God that he let us have you for a short while. You were a blessing to this little family that I’ll cherish forever. We love you Hershey, you were a good girl.

2 thoughts on “Good Girl, Hershey

  1. So very sorry. With the Love and Happiness she brought you she received ten fold back from you. She was so happy to be with you all and you gave her s wonderful home. We’ll miss you Hershey.

  2. What a wonderful tribute to Hershey!
    *insert ugly cry…
    She was a perfect fit for your family and I’m glad that you had the time that you did with her. She was such a sweet dog. My heart aches for you guys. ❤️🐾

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