Sunday Favorites {Fall Edition} 🍂

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a Favorite! Here are a few things I’m loving for Fall!

Where are my Gilmore Girl fans? This would be the perfect Fall sweater to wear on those days you just want to cozy up with a book and a hot cup of tea. I wish we had a Fall Festival close to us to attend. Who wouldn’t love to visit Stars Hollow this Fall?!

Found on Chalk Full of Love

Umm, who wouldn’t want the Sanderson Sisters on their macaroons?! Yes, please! Dana’s Bakery in NYC, make the best macaroons and I’m dying to try their Black and White Halloween cookies! They ship all over the United States. I ordered a box of macaroons a few months back and it was totally worth it! May have to order me a “Fall Celebration” Box! 😊 (To get these you have to special request them through email)

Found at Dana’s Bakery NYC

I’m pretty sure Little Bear is gonna need some of these cute little pants for Fall/Winter. Actually, I’m sitting here wishing they made them in adult sizes too, because I’d totally wear these!

Find these on Wild Alpine

i really like velvet and I’m glad it’s made a come-back recently. I think this velvet pillow would make the perfect accent to a couch or big comfy chair. They radiate “comfort” to me.

Found at Target

I love buffalo plaid! One day I hope to be one of those people who has multiple comforters for different seasons, because this one would definitely be my Fall (and maybe Winter too) comforter. 😍 It looks so comfy!

Found at Pottery Barn (Not endorsed by Phoebe Buffet)

I think these mugs are absolutely beautiful! They’d be perfect to sip a hot London Fog from in the early, crisp Fall mornings. The gold detail gives it the perfect touch of elegance.

Found at Anthropologie Even though I’m a Young Living lover, these diffusers are beautiful! I especially love the middle one, it would make such a beautiful nightlight as well. I can smell it now, Cinnamon Bark, Orange, & Clove…Mmmm! I love Fall!

Found at Nordstrom

Hope you’ve enjoyed these Fall Favorites! What have you had your eye on for Fall?



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