5 Ways to Take Care of your Cowboy during Calving Season (or Anytime!)

Calving season is an incredibly busy, and can be stressful time for cowboys. They’re long, repetitive hours of checking heifers and babies. (Read all about some of the “basics” of calving season from last year here and the start of this year’s season.)

So, I know not all of my followers have husbands that Cowboy. But I wanted to come up with 5 ways to let your significant other know they’re appreciated, and are important to you during what’s maybe tough or busy seasons in their lives. Or maybe don’t wait for those seasons at all and just do these anytime you’d like!

  1. Make a good pot of coffee

As I said above, calving season can make the days seem pretty long when One Cute Cowboy is waking up every couple of hours to check heifers, then having to put in a full days work. Coffee is an essential! I’ve made it my mission to make sure I make the best pot of coffee around. I like to make sure before he leaves in the morning that he has a cup and full thermos before he walks out the door. This helps him not only stay going throughout the day, but something warm to drink and keep his insides warmed up during those really cold, long days. So whatever your partner’s thing is, maybe it’s hot tea, or iced tea, or something as simple as Gatorade, make sure they’re getting the best of whatever “go-juice” helps them stay going throughout the day.

2. Rub their feet

Okay, maybe One Cute Cowboy and I are different, but one way we like to spend time unwinding together in the evenings is rubbing feet. This may seem odd to some, but there are actual health benefits to giving/receiving foot massages. It promotes better sleep, improves blood circulation throughout the body, relieves aches and pains, can lower anxiety, and on top of all, it just feel so good! So spend 15-20 minutes a night rubbing their feet, or shoulders, or hands to help them relax and feel a little pampered.

3. Help Out

Is it your hubby’s “job” to take the trash out, feed the dogs, get the mail, or wash the dishes? When you know they’re having an extra long or difficult day, try to help out and do that small job for them. It’ll not only let their day feel a little less hectic, but they’ll also be appreciative and glad to be able to relax a little sooner than usual and maybe help them not feel so overrun with things to do.

4. Boost of Vitamin C

This time of year, it’s easy for your immune system to get run-down when you’re constantly on the go. I like to make sure Riley is fully stocked on everything he needs to stay healthy and keep his immune system up. We diffuse Tea Tree & Orange oil to help keep both our immune systems up. We also really like to juice. So I try at least a few times a week to make a fresh orange juice (for me orange, carrot, & apple) to boost that Vitamin C. He also takes Vitamin C tablets and Apple Cider Vinegar capsules. This way his system doesn’t get completely run down from constantly being on the go.

Lastly, but most certainly not least…

5. Pray

This one doesn’t need much explaining, it’s pretty simple. One of the best things you can do for your significant other is pray for them daily. Every morning I pray for One Cute Cowboy’s day, attitude, protection and spiritual guidance. I believe one of the greatest gifts we can do for others is pray for them, so this one to me is important.


This is just a fun list of things to let your other-half know you appreciate them, and to maybe help take a load off during busy seasons for them. But as I said, you don’t have to wait for it to be a stressful season to do any of the above, I hope you do these for your loved ones whenever you can. Hope you’ve enjoyed! 🙂


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