January on the Ponderosa

IMG_0307I think I say this every month, but where the heck did January go?! This month started out fairly cold (some bone chilling ones), but there were several kind of “odd jobs” that needed to be done.

One evening One Cute Cowboy and my dad built a wind break for some of the calves on wheat.

They took some t-posts and some old irrigation pipe to make a nice break for the calves to be able to stand up against and behind. It provides a little shelter for them when the winds are super cold.

One Cute Cowboy spent an evening trimming up some of the horses feet. This is certainly not an easy task, as I’m sure you can imagine, not a single horse actually enjoys this chore, but it’s something that has to be done to keep their feet healthy and happy.

One really cold morning, we went out to work on the windmill in the bull pasture. The bulls just hung out and watched while One Cute Cowboy pulled the windmill to replace the leathers. I stayed in the pickup most the time since it was so cold, unless OCC needed me to hold something.IMG_0204Still doing a lot of the same things as in December; checking wheat pasture calves, doctoring calves, treating bloats, feeding cows,fixing fence, and breaking a lot of ice. One thing that started about 4 days ago, that wasn’t supposed to start until about February 10th, was our heifers started having babies! So far we’ve had 12 new babies, and the cowboys have started their round-the-clock checking on the heifers. They switch off during the day and at night they check at 10 pm, 2 am and 5 am.  OCC gets pretty grouchy because he values his sleep!IMG_0310IMG_0311We brought 20 out of the 100 that will be calving the soonest, to the house this past week. The cowboys choose the ones that seem closest that way they can keep a better eye on them when they start to calve. IMG_0315


Fur found her a good sunning’ spot.

I actually had to stop in the middle of writing this post and One Cute Cowboy and I went out to pull a calf. I wish I could’ve gotten more pictures of it actually being born, but I had to hold the lights so One Cute Cowboy, could help the mama and pull the calf. With the fast approaching arrival of Baby Bear, I feel some extra sympathy for these mama heifers. IMG_0317This little guy hasn’t even been in the world for a full hour yet. He was about 3 minutes old in this picture. He made it by only a few hours to be a January baby. I’m so glad I’m married to a man that knows what to do when it’s “go-time,” a man that’s confident in what he’s doing because he’s taken the time to learn and grow in how to take care of cattle and help them along in this process. His passion for them is what drives him. I’d be lying if I said this didn’t sometimes make me crazy! Haha! He spends so much of his time (read as: every waking second) learning, and reading about different aspects of ranching/cattle/calving/feeding aspects/cattle vaccinations; but with that said, I’m so glad he’s so passionate about this life, about taking care of these cattle to the best of his ability.  He always wants what’s best for the cattle/ranch. I’m very proud of him.IMG_0318

This little guy was also born today! All-in-all January has been a fast, but enjoyable month. It’s hard to believe tomorrow is February 1st. (Also my sister, Kizzi’s, birthday! Whoop whoop!) As One Cute Cowboy would say, before we know it, this heifer will be calving as well! Haha!IMG_0214

If you want to read a few highlights from last years calving season, go check out the post I did here! Happy Wednesday, hope you’ve enjoyed January on the Ponderosa!



5 thoughts on “January on the Ponderosa

  1. A husband that is practiced in animal husbandry is invaluable in the labor room!
    Nurses keep asking if the men are fine or expecting them to faint, but ranchers handle it without a problem.

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