Hershey Kisses

I’ve shared with you guys before my love for animals and my passion for helping and caring for animals. I had a friend call me three or four weeks ago, asking if I knew of anyone who would consider temporarily fostering a dog. One of our local doctors (actually the man that delivered me and gave me my first stitches) had had back surgery for the second time and was still in rehabilitation. His dog, Hershey, had to be taken out to the vet to board until he was well enough to go home. She’d been out there since May. (That’s the exact point my heart broke, knowing that poor pup had been living in a cement kennel for the last 3 months.) I quickly called One Cute Cowboy and told him what was going on, he immediately said, “Just tell them we’ll take her!” I was pleasantly surprised and excited to be able to help this dog out.

She’s a 5 year-old Lab (and I think) either Border Collie or Husky mix. She’s always been an inside dog, except for when she got to go on her leash or cable outside, since Dr. B doesn’t have a fenced in yard. Naturally I was worried being so out in the open here at our house that we’d have trouble with her running off. We have a nice size pen for her to stay in, but worried about just letting her out. 

For the first few days I’d put her leash on her when I’d let her out and I’d walk her around the yard, walk her with me while I watered, and finally got to the point where I’d just drop the leash and she’d follow me dragging the leash behind her. Finally I thought, this is silly, she’s fine! So we did away with the leash completely and she runs and plays and has so much fun having open spaces to run around. She’s never once tried to run off or hasn’t listened when to come back. She happily hangs out in her outdoor pen while we’re gone and runs around and sleeps on the back porch while we’re home.

She’s one of the sweetest, most loving dogs I think I’ve ever been around. She’s smart and obedient and does her best to get along with everyone and be a good dog. I’m so happy to have had this chance to foster such a loving dog soul. I think she’s truly happy and is enjoying life! She’s a sweet Hershey kiss and it makes me happy to see her happy! 🐶😊


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