Once Upon A Summer: A Mood Board

I’m not real sure what’s happened to the summer, it’s almost the end of July! It’s been a good, though hot, summer. I have found it a little hard to stay motivated and inspired lately. What can I say, I’m a cool weather girl, it’s what makes me feel creative and alive, and this heat just zaps me of any creative juices or motivation. About 11:30 at night I start to come alive! 🌙

I’m posting these things today in hopes of a kick of inspiration! Hope y’all enjoy!

Happy Saturday!

2 thoughts on “Once Upon A Summer: A Mood Board

  1. Enjoy reading your blog. Grew up in Nash practically living on Bratcher Hill. Ronda and I were good friends, BFF, besties or what ever the current term used is. Partners in crime I think is what our teachers labeled us. Your grandpa Sam has a special place in my heart as I looked at him more of a dad special man. Love your family.

    • Thank you so much Tammy!! I’m glad you enjoy my blog! I remember you! He was a special man, I hate that I had so little time with him. But I love getting to hear stories about him. I appreciate you leaving a comment and stopping by!

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