Friday Finds

A few things I’ve been drooling over lately…

These adorable cactus key chains from Pearls & Ponies on Etsy. I’m partial to the turquoise green one in the middle! Cacti makes me happy!



I’m such a sucker for pretty stained glass. These stained glass mountains are gorgeous! I can’t wait to get one for my own to hang in my bedroom window. You can get yours on Etsy at The Gypsy Vintage Shop.



I’ve been needing to get my pups new name tags, and these are beautiful. I found this on (*surprise*) Etsy! At the Sacred Geometry Silver.



Over at the Dinabiju Shop, there are beautiful (and funny/cute) brooches and magnets. This beautiful Dalmatian brooch definitely caught my eye. There’s also a really cute Sphinx  in the shop I’ve had my eye on.



Loving this shirt from Rockin A Design. There are several of her shirts that I’d love to see in my closet, but this is my current obsession.



I can’t get over how gorgeous these are! I found them over at Savannah 7’s. In my books, you can’t go wrong with leather and turquoise.


So there ya go, my favorite finds for today. Most of these boutiques have great instagrams, you can follow them by clicking on their names below.

Savannah 7’s

Rockin’ A Design

Sacred Geometry

Gypsy Vintage

Pearls & Ponies


What are some of your favorite Etsy Shops or boutiques?




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