Spring Water

If you’re like my husband, sometimes it’s hard to hit that 8 glasses of water a day. He’s a Coke drinker through and through. He works hard, and fast, so it’s really essential that he does get all that water in his system throughout the day so he’s not dehydrated. Plus, don’t you just feel better when you drink enough water and stay hydrated? I know I sure do! 

So we’ve found that we’re more apt to drink water if it has a little flavor. So last night I made a yummy Strawberry & Lemon infused water. 

I just sliced up one lemon and three strawberries, put them in this nifty fruit infuser pitcher we got for a wedding gift, and filled it up with water! I usually like for my infused water to set at least over night to really get the flavors going. You can find a pitcher like this one here. If you don’t have a pitcher, a good ‘ol mason jar will work just as good!

I also put an orange, a lemon, a lime, and a few springs of fresh mint with water in a big Ball jar, then put in the refridgerator over night.  I’m excited to try it out once I’m home from work!

What are some infused waters you’ve tried? 

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