Etsy Love

I love Etsy. It always has fun, and quirky gifts. I really love to go scavenge through the vintage shops! In fact, my husband bought me my absolute favorite gift of all time this past Christmas from a little vintage shop on Etsy. He’s a fantastic gift-giver, but that’s for another post!

Here are just a few of my current favorites that I’ve come across lately:


This beautiful necklace is one of my current FAVORITES! BeadsByBones is a stunning silversmith. She does phenomenal work! There are a lot of things I love in her shop, so definitely go check it out!


Who couldn’t use a cute little ring holder? This cutie was found at Line & Dot by Laura Jones Martinez. 


How fun is this vintage French set of cards. It even comes with the cute little tin case. These were found at the Sadie Olive shop.


I just love these cute little recipe cards! You can find them too at 1canoe2.


This is from one of my favorite shops, Ophelia’s Gypsy Caravan. I must admit, I already own one of these cute little mugs, but I couldn’t help adding this one since the passing of Alan Rickman this past week.


I hope you enjoyed my little list and  I hope that I helped you find some fun new shops! 😉

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