Auld Lang Syne

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Now, I know I’m a little late on doing a New Year’s post, but here I am, none the less wanting to talk about this past year, and the new year. When I think of New Year’s, the only song I associate it with is the old folk song, Auld Lang Syne. My favorite rendition of it is an artist melody done on the Christmas album, The Hotel Cafe’s Winter Song featuring many artist.

Auld Lang Syne is translated many ways,  “days gone by” or “old times” or “long long ago”, but my favorite way it’s interpreted is “for the sake of old times.”

For auld lang syne, my dear,

for auld lang syne,

we’ll take a cup of kindness yet,

for auld lang syne.”

As I think about this past year, thankfully, there’s a whole lot of reasons to be thankful. Not to say it didn’t have it’s hardships as well, but the good definitely out weighed the bad. Now, most people around this time are making New Year’s Resolutions! I must admit, I’ve never really made a resolution in all my 29 years. It’s always seemed a little…well, daunting. I’m more of a lists type of girl myself. So I’d like to make a quick list of things I’d like to do/accomplish/enjoy in 2016, without feeling like I’m promising the whole world a resolution that I have to keep! So here we go!

In 2016:

  • I’d like to take more time to read. I’m a book-lover through and through and this past year I didn’t make the time for it like I would have liked.
  • I want to try to cook my way through the Pioneer Woman’s new Dinnertime cookbook that I received for Christmas. (I’ll keep you posted on that one!)
  • I want to start my “Blessed” jar back up! It’s a jar (prettily decorated I might add) that you write down your blessings and slip them in it, then at the end of 2016, I’ll read all the times I felt happy/blessed/thankful throughout the year. It’s nice to read at the end of the year and remember the highlights of the year past.
  • I want to exercise more. Now, I know, this sound like one of those things that people like to call their resolution, but I really would like to try and dedicate myself more to eating healthy and exercising, and taking care of my body better than I did in 2015. I’d like to be able to look the same way I did on my wedding day. It’s not that far of a stretch, thankfully, but none-the-less, I’d like to feel good like I did then.
  • I guess this one needs to go after that. I’d like to try to have at least one veggie at every meal. I used to be really good about this, but have slacked through the winter.
  • I want to write more this year. Here’s where this new blog comes in! I’ve always enjoyed writing; I have years of journals to back me up. That’s partially why I started this blog. I enjoy writing and interacting. But not only do I want to focus on writing here, but writing songs. I’m a musician and singer at heart, and I want to take more time this year to write a couple songs.
  • I really want to be a better housekeeper in 2016. I’m a procrastinator. Really and truly. I mean HELLO, my “New Year’s Post” is 2 days late! Ha! But really, I want to do a better job of keeping things tidy. Not let our kitchen table get piled high with whatever we set down on it when we walk through the door. (I’m hoping I’m not the only one that has this little habit/problem.)

So there you have it! Just a few things I’d like to be better about, and enjoy more this coming year. What are some of yours? I always love hearing from readers!

Happy 2016 my friends!

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