Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

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Growing up, one of my husband’s family Christmas traditions, was going to pick out a Christmas tree, cutting it down, and hauling it home. This was a new tradition for me. Most years my family had an artificial tree due to my sister and mom’s allergies.

This year was our second annual Christmas tree hunt! We set out on the Upper Ridge, next to the Pine Forrest, below the Capulin Volcano (NM) to find our tree.

I found out quick in the game last year,that finding a Christmas tree is not at all as easy as it sounds. You find one that is absolutely perfect, only to see it doesn’t have a good enough base to keep it sturdy in a stand. Then you see one from far away that you know is just perfect, only to find when you’re next to it, it’s 5 ft. taller than you, and you realize you have Clark Griswold Syndrome. My husband, does in fact, have Clark Griswold Syndrome.


(Clark Griswold and family in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation)

Lucky for us, there wasn’t that much snow, and it wasn’t quite that cold.

Anyway, we had to be sure and find a tree small enough that it didn’t take up our whole living room (kind of like our tree last year) but not so small that it won’t hold all of our gorgeous ornaments!

After about 30 minutes of walking around and through many many trees, we finally found the one!

IMG_2837 2.JPG

After some sawing, and careful calculations, we had the tree ready to haul home!


I think we found a pretty good little tree!


We won’t go into the story on how it took over an hour to steady and get to stand in the tree stand, we’ll just fast forward to how wonderful it is now!


“Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, 

Such pleasure do you bring me!”

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